Rhodfa Lloyd George a safleoedd di-bwynt eraill o gwmpas y Bae

Bae Caerdydd

Fel rhyw fath o wrthran i’r erthygl Owen Hatherley am Gaerdydd o’n i’n son am yn diweddar, beth am yr adolygiad heddiw o Fae Caerdydd yma:

One of the main objectives of this grand project was to ‘re-unite Cardiff with its waterfront’. However if you anticipate a pleasant stroll from Central Station to the Blue Lagoon forget it, although the walk is instructive. You can take the no. 6 shuttle bus instead (free with your train ticket). There is also a station at Cardiff Bay but it does not connect to Central – it is part of the Valleys commuter network. For years the CBDC tried to remove this branch line as it stood in the way of the grand plan for the Ceausescu-like Lloyd George Avenue down to the Bay…

CBDC yn golgyu Cardiff Bay Development Corporation uchod, targed o sylwadau negyddol gan Jones. Mwy:

The problem is that Callaghan Square is not really leading anywhere. You will find the unprepossessing start of Ceausescu Boulevard beyond the railway bridge in a chaos of traffic and budget hotels. Given that Bute St runs straight as an arrow from Callaghan Square to the Pier Head, why was the parallel Lloyd George Avenue necessary? Well, you know, Butetown, Tiger Bay – not really the right image is it boy. Lloyd George Avenue defines Butetown as a ghetto just like any London Docklands council estate. Actually Bute St is a lot more fun than Lloyd George Avenue. Firstly there is the wonderful neo-Norman St Mary’s Church (1845) and there are actually people. Lloyd George Avenue is the most boring street in, well at least Cardiff, lined with the most boring apartment blocks you will find anywhere, all smothered with apologetic landscaping. Actually it is lined only on one side; the other is landscaped as a cordon sanitaire to Butetown.

Mae’n werth darllen yr erthygl llawn a sgwennwyd gan Adrian Jones, cynlluniwr sy’n byw yn Nottingham, Lloegr.

llun gan Matthew Black (Creative Commons)