Gigs Cymdeithas, Clwb Rygbi Llanilltud Fawr

Roedd Ian Dury and The Blockheads yn canu am resymau dros fod yn siriol.

Wel, mae lot o bobl yn cyffroi am gigs Cymraeg ar hyn o bryd. Mae ‘na lot llai o bryderon am gerddoriaeth Cymraeg yn yr arddull poblogaidd haf yma, yn enwedig ar ôl Hanner Cant a’r holl ymdrechion aelodau Cymdeithas yr Iaith.

Oes cylchred i’r sin Cymraeg? Pethau yn mynd yn dawelach am gyfnod ac maen nhw yn codi eto. Dyma sut mae pethau yn teimlo. (Ac mae croeso i ti mynegi barnau eraill yn y sylwadau.)

Gwelaf i chi ger y llwyfan!

Mae’r holl fudiadau iaith newydd yn ddigon iawn ond pa fath o gigs fyddan nhw yn ei drefnu?

The Globe, Caerdydd yn derbyn hyrwyddwyr gigs

Ydy unrhyw un eisiau trefnu gigs neu digwyddiadau yng Nghaerdydd?

Mae’r lleoliad The Globe yn y Rhath yn cau – o yfory tan diwedd mis Awst 2011. Wedyn bydd y lle ar agor eto dan reolaeth newydd. (Mae Alan Jones, cyn-perchennog – a chyn-aelod o’r grwp Amen Corner – wedi gadael.)

Dyma neges gan Owen Bowley, trefnydd newydd:

Hello everyone!

As you may or may not have heard, The Globe as we know it is no more. IT IS NOT CLOSING PERMANENTLY. Simply put, the previous owner is no longer involved with the business and new management has taken over as of this week.

The venue itself is closing for 3 weeks from this Monday (8th) for refurbishment, after generous sponsership from Cardiff estate agents ‘South Wales Estates’. When it reopens it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. In brief, a few improvements are… a new brewery/cellar with new products (draught aspall cider/old speckled hen/peroni to name a few), meaning a FULLY STOCKED BAR, it’s already been vented in the past few weeks and now there will be AIR CONDITIONING, we’re also having an upstairs lounge area, and the list goes on…

Here’s the most important thing, which is where you lot come in…

I am now in control of taking bookings and filling the calender with shows at The Globe. I am going to turn that place around, support local music, bring door prices down, and generally make it the venue that it should have been from day one, but I need your help and support in doing so…

So here’s where I stand…

I believe local bands should get paid for their gigs but I also believe they should promote their shows passionately. Therefore, I’ve devised a system for band payments that quite simply means the more people you pull, the more you get paid. I should also state that I am not interested in putting on nights that pull less than 100 people, I understand that will happen from time to time but my sights are aimed higher. I’ve also placed bonus systems for consistently good shows, your band can make anything from £150 to £1000 depending on how hard you plan on pushing your shows.

On the flip side, if you are confident in the numbers you can pull, or you’re a promoter looking to hire the club, then I’ve also devised a hire fee system that works along the lines of the higher the bartake, the lower the hire fee. This is yet to be cleared by new management but rest assured something will be confirmed in the next few days.

I am open minded, therefore, musically I have no favouritism, whereas previously The Globe has shyed away from certain genres (hip-hop/hardcore/etc), I’m simply interested in putting on good shows and pulling good crowds.

Any gaps that I leave in the calender will be passed on to the owners to fill, and the fact is that they are businessmen looking to make money, they don’t care if it’s a tribute act, kareoke night, or cheesy disco doing that job, and so they shouldn’t. They’re interested in numbers, I’m the one in this new setup who’s passionate about pushing the Cardiff music scene and I’m responsible for keeping it consistent.

So there you have it, I guess the rest is self explanatory… If you are a musician who wants to play, a promoter who needs a venue, or simply have ideas that you’d like to run by me, please get in touch and let’s work together, also, feel free to pass this message on to anyone who you think might be interested, my phone number and e-mail are below…

Owen Bowley

Tel : 07540 566132
E-mail : bowlez malwen

Plîs anfona unrhyw ymholiadau iddyn nhw yn uniongyrchol.