Cyngor Adam Walton am sut i anfon dy gerddoriaeth i’r radio

Doethineb a phrofiad – gan Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales), un o’r DJs gorau yng Nghymru:

DO keep the postage price down by leaving the glossy press kit out of the envelope. See point above about self-hyping bands. I’ve never played a band who sent me an ‘EPK’. I want to think you spend all your time living life intensely, then writing about it, not wazzocking about in front of a camera. Getting a (crap) stylist won’t elevate you to the heights of the musicians you most admire. Look as outrageous as you like, but make it evident that that is of less importance to you than the music.

DO ensure that your CDs have your band name and a contact e-mail written on them. Avoid stickers that are going to rip off in my CD drive and knacker it, please. Ensure that your .mp3’s are tagged correctly. I have tens of thousands of CDs scattered around my room, if I drop a blank CDR it’s lost and unidentifiable forever. No joke. My box bedroom floor is a Bermuda Triangle of blank CDs, my hard drive a Bermuda Triangle-squared of ‘Untitled’ .mp3’s. If I can’t identify it, I can’t play your music or get back to you.

DO be civil with me. I’m a very lonely man and spend most of my existence forging friendships with attachments that arrive in my inbox. I will be honest with you because you deserve that honesty. If you’re not ready for some constructive criticism, it’s best not to send me your music. I’m a human being. If you’re rude (which happens very rarely, thankfully), I could lie and say that I’ll be the bigger man, forgive you and support you in the future. But rude people never earn good favour.

Mwy ar y cofnod blog gan Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales